Benefits of BIM in Design and Implementation

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know many benefits that come along with BIM. Recently there was news about a Dutch engineer who created an awesome gingerbread house – not by using the traditional techniques, but by utilizing a state of the art 50W laser engraver along with an ordinary CAD program!
What the engineer did was that he first conjured up an “accurate, 3D model” of the summer house and then proceeded to turn the laser on to the large blocks of the gingerbread.
While this may appear to be a rather simplistic use of the AutoCAD technology, it drives home the point of how it can be used to get the solutions for larger, more complex projects that require greater detail.
Using the Revit Drafting Services, CAD Drafting Services, MEP Drafting Services, and 3D Drafting Services, you can generate accurate documentation and design; whether, its for the construction of a large building; a small piece of furniture; or the state-of-the-art restaurant that you always dreamt of.
Who uses CAD Software?
Well, computer-aided design or CAD is hugely popular in the construction and manufacturing industry. This software can generate accurate plans and blueprints that can be used to produce goods and construct buildings. The technology is very user friendly and it is fairly easy to incorporate quick modifications, convert two and three dimensional views and designs and generate the supply lists automatically.
Not only does it create the 2D or 3D (two- or three-dimensional) graphical representation of objects, it may also be modified and used for specific applications. CAD applications also find a wide use in computer animation and creating special effects in media like in the movies and advertising, where graphic design is, itself, a finished product.
One of the biggest uses of CAD is to design products physically in a vast range of industries. The software performs calculations to arrive at the optimum design for the industrial design of applications and products.
AutoCAD Revit, REVIT Drafting, and CAD Drafting, can be used mainly to create detailed 3D surface models or generate 2D drawings of physical components. But what is important to note here is that Revit Drafting Services, CAD Drafting Services, MEP Drafting Services and 3D Drafting Services can also be used to control the engineering process right from the conceptual design phase up to the layout of products. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable provider who can match all your expectations, has a highly specialized staff that will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Benefits of BIM
AutoCAD Revit and CAD Drafting can be used to carry out a dynamic analysis of the assemblies and manufacturing methods. It makes it easy for an engineer to automatically and interactively analyze the design variability and finalize the optimal design, while at the same time minimizing the necessity of physical prototype models. It ensures:
• Increased productivity, lower development cost, improved quality and faster delivery
• Accurate visualization of the product before commencing production.
• The sub-assemblies, speed up the design process.
• Reduction in errors as the software is designed for a greater accuracy.
• An easier, highly robust documentation of the design (geometries and dimensions), small and essential items, bills of material, etc.
• An easy to use design data that can be easily modified to suit the specific needs.

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