Using Revit for retail design

The manner in which a retail space is designed and presented makes all the difference to the customer experiencing the brand positioning.  The BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is helping designers make the 3D models and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the designed product.

One of the most important factors of using the Revit Drafting Services, CAD Drafting Services, MEP Drafting Services and 3D Drafting Services is getting an accurate estimate of the overall requirements in the form of data produced, while we are still in the planning and perceptual stages.

It is very easy for the retailers as well as designers to create a retail design in a totally collaborative environment, giving much more benefit than the traditional modeling methodologies.

Some of the important points that ought to be considered while planning, retail design using REVIT services are:

Making Controlled Changes

The best part of any retail design made by using CAD Drafting Services, Revit Drafting Services, 3D Drafting Services and MEP Drafting Services is that it can be modified easily following some simple procedures during any stage of the construction; even at the design and planning level.

It allows users to incorporate values which change certain parameters and automatically make corresponding changes wherever they are required.

This gives a big advantage of being able to control the design and incorporate changes at all levels during the entire stage of planning, as well as, construction.

Creating Intelligent Models

The input values, while using the BIM Technology are very different from those used in traditional methods.  In this technology the parametric 3D models and design ensure that you can sample the data and make corresponding changes if required. This includes sizing up the initial data, making servicing schedules, producing the manufacturing data, making maintenance schedules and collating the installer data from the planning right up to the post production stages.

Effect on Material Management

Once it is set-up properly, the calculation of materials, as well as, components based on the overall design and schedules is done automatically. This prevents a lot of wastage which is often a result of the human errors.  This leads to procurement   in a more pragmatic manner.

Presentation of 3D Views

Revitmart  uses some of the best trending tools and has the capabilities that make it possible for designers to get the requisite 3D views directly from the main model.

This is far more efficient when compared to the other methods in which the approach is separate solution based.

More importantly Revitmart  can also merge the 3D views with the standard two dimensional plan as well as elevations giving you the flexibility to use whichever method you wish to use.

Timeline Methodology

In any retail industry, it is important that there is a minute-to-minute coordination between the various sections.  The timeline methodology of Revitmart  ensures that the project managers can track the progress of the entire project at any time and make last minute changes if needed.

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