MEP Drafting Services

We provide professional 2D and 3D CAD Revit and MEP Drafting Services | Revitmart to Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers and contractors within the building services sector. Working with mechanical, electrical and plumbing design engineers, consultants and contractors, we convert as-builts and marked-up documents or CAD files into Revit models. Over the years, we have satisfied the needs of many engineering firms in Washington DC and New York. We provided Services to many equipment manufacturers to develop their BIM content and give our clients the benefit of having access to all out developed material and Trademark software.

Our Experience Spans a Range of Sectors, Including:
High Rise Office Buildings
High Rise Condos
Large Footprint Commercial Buildings
Shopping Malls
HealthCare Facilities and Hospitals
Complex Central Plants

We utilize the latest technology in our Company to communicate and share files using web-based online collaboration systems and sophisticated mark-up tools.

As a part of our MEP drafting services:
Schematic MEP Drawings
Design Documents for MEP
Construction Drawings for MEP
As-built MEP Drawings
Ensure that there are no clashes (this can be validated easily using clash detection software tools like Navisworks)
By using the latest BIM modelling software for coordination in MEP Drafting Services | Revitmart, we are able to verify that all trades are fully coordinated
Creating Revit® Families That Look 99.9% Real
Detailed Energy Modelling using BIM
Converting 2D Files Into Informative 3D Content
Converting 2D AutoCAD® Drawings Into Real Time Intelligent 3D Systems
Making Revit® Families In Accordance With The Various Engineering Code Standards
Making Company Templates
Specialized Rendering Services & Walkthrough Movies
Modifying Current 3D Content As Per Your Needs/Company Standards
Checking Your Deliverable Revit® Model For Any Inconsistencies Amongst Its Systems throughout the project

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Engineering 3D Revit MEP Drafting Services