We at RevitMart believe in and provide accurate and affordable clash detection services and resolution coordination with the help of our expert team that have years of experience in the construction industry. With the help of clash detection techniques, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is one of the reason our clients love us! We work with all latest industry softwares as desired by our clients. We are capable of issuing same day clash reports with detailed list of areas of conflict and possible solution based on our design and construction expertise.

Clash detection and coordination services

Our pre-construction coordination services helps reducing the amount of change orders during construction to minimize the possible risk of human error during design phase. Here are some of the services included in our clash/ coordination detection services.

Navisworks clash detection
Revit Clash detection
3D CAD clash detection
3D construction and plumbing design
2D design modeling
Clash resolution services

Revit Mart  provides clash detection services for several types of projects including:

Retail buildings
Industrial plants
Residential buildings
Commercial buildings
Government buildings

Advantages of choosing our coordination services

RevitMart  can understand the need of the various types of clients including architects, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, developers and building owners. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing RevitMart  for clash detection services.

Automatically determine any possible change orders
Our clash report includes time-based clashes that can offer information about every static package involved in the clash.
The report helps project management team to make adjustments in the schedule of the project.
With the custom clashes, the expertise of users can create custom tests that can be used by everybody on the team for project development.
Clash software can also be used even after the completion of project design as well as during construction.

The main aim of RevitMart  is nothing but to provide clash detection services that ensures identification, inspection and reporting of interference between different trades in a BIM project.

Navisworks Clash Detection