Laser scan helps creating accurate as-builts like never before. You call RevitMart Laser Scan team, we laser scan the building with our high tech scanners and issue you an accurate Revit Model.

RevitMart delivers coordinated as built model, providing enormous time savings and quality improvements in design deliverables. We bring the facility back to our office to avoid return site trips.

RevitMart uses a wide range of laser scan software packages to create the deliverables as accurate as possible. Our patented lase scan technology software is valued as a great asset to our customers.

Having accurate as-builts will save your clients thousands of dollards in potential change orders.

Having accurate as-builts will also save overall design and construction time.

Architects and engineers can make critical design decisions sooner and with more complete and accurate information. They can also creatively utilize the point cloud data directly for construction documents, minimizing their drawing or modeling hours. This, in turn, results in a reduction of both RFI’s and change orders related to field conditions, as well as a reduction in errors and omissions.

Below are some of the benefits we provide when you use RevitMart as your Consultant:
✔ We deliver Revit Models instead of just point clouds
✔ Conceptual cost estimating
✔ Ability to modify geometry by typing a new number, saving time during iterative design processes
✔ Integrated building materials
✔ Integrated project phasing
✔ Relationships between parametric components
✔ Single multiuser building database
✔ Demolition and construction phasing
✔ Graphic controls for linked Revit models
✔ Multiuser worksets
✔ On-demand database reading
✔ Runtime shared parameters
✔ Material take-off for detailed cost estimating
✔ Extract as much or little information as you need, when you need it.
✔ Create accurate 2D and 3D documentation for architects or engineers to facilitate renovations, additions, or re-purposing.
✔ Create a Building Information Model (BIM) for contractor collaboration, energy studies, facility management, and more.
✔ Monitor construction for accuracy and create “close out” as-built documentation after each trade or phase is finished.
✔ Perform off-site prefabrication of building components.
✔ Monitor structures over time for attrition and settling.

Laser Scanning is the most cost and time effective method of capturing all measurements of the interior and exterior of a building in its present state

Building Laser Scan

3D Laser Scanning

Our laser scanning service is available across North America. We use next-generation LIDAR scanners capable of high-resolution dome scans. Every scan measures millions of points and each point knows its precise XYZ position in space. Collectively, these points constitute a “point cloud” that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in many of todays most popular CAD applications. Compared to conventional surveys, laser scanning captures environments in astonishing detail. Even the most challenging geometry such as curves, angles, and deformations can be scanned with unprecedented accuracy.

RevitMart-Laser Scan
RevitMart-Laser Scan
RevitMart Laser Scan

Scan to CAD

RevitMart-Laser Scan-to-CAD

We extract floor plans, elevations, sections, TIN meshes & solid models directly from point clouds.

Scan to BIM

Building Laser Scan

We generate Building Information Models directly from 3D scan data in Revit and IFC formats.

Building Laser Scan

Native Application Support

Point clouds can be imported into the latest versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3D, Inventor, Navisworks, Bentley Microstation, and many other applications. Architects, engineers, and technicians can now manipulate, draft, and model scan data right from their favorite CAD software. We deliver PCG, PTX, or FLS files, and additional formats are available upon request.

Buildings and More…

Applied to architecture, a point cloud is nothing short of a dimensionally-correct, digital reproduction of the building itself. Point clouds can be referenced for a myriad of practical uses, including the generation of floor plans, site plans, elevations, ceiling plans, mechanical layouts, inventories, and Building Information Models (BIM).

Laser scanning also has interesting applications in manufacturing, aerospace, mining, film, gaming, archaeology, reverse-engineering, forensics, and accident reconstruction (to name a few) and novel utilizations of the technology are being discovered all the time. If you think 3D laser scanning may be a good fit for your application, let’s talk.

Use Cases

  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Construction Sites
  • Historic Preservation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Custom Installs & Fabrication
  • Factories & Manufacturing
  • Bridges, Tunnels, & Civic Projects
  • Street Scapes & Topography
  • Surface & Sub-Surface Mining
  • Crime Scene & Accident Reconstruction
  • Film, Gaming, & Entertainment