We provide professional Revit BIM CAD Architectural drafting services to Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers and contractors.

RevitMart delivers coordinated construction documents at all times, providing enormous time savings and quality improvements in Revit Architecture drawing deliverables.

Revit is a BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) program. The idea is to create a 3D model or “virtual” representation of the real physical building. Each 3D element has Information ( referred to as “metadata” ) input into it so that the data can be scheduled automatically, and shared downstream with other stakeholders and team members who may use Revit or other programs such as Navisworks to combine all models from the various design teams ( Arch., Struct., Civil, MEP/FP, etc. ) into a “Master Model” and perform 3D clash detection, 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimating.

Below are some of the benefits we provide when you use RevitMart as your BIM Consultant:
✔ We provide automatic sheet/drawing references which ensures that no section, elevation, or callout ever references the wrong drawing or sheet
✔ Bidirectional associativity to ensure all changes to any part of the building need to be made only once
✔ Conceptual cost estimating
✔ Ability to modify geometry by typing a new number, saving time during iterative design processes
✔ Integrated building materials
✔ Integrated project phasing
✔ Parametric design
✔ Project templates
✔ Relationships between parametric components
✔ Single multiuser building database
✔ Butt-glazed curtain walls
✔ Demolition and construction phasing
✔ Prints sets/saved print settings
✔ Scale-based line weight control
✔ Title block families
✔ Change history audit trail
✔ Graphic controls for linked Revit models
✔ Multiuser worksets
✔ On-demand database reading
✔ Runtime shared parameters
✔ Rendering
✔ Animated walkthroughs
✔ Material take-off for detailed cost estimating
✔ Interface with Excel spreadsheets

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Revit Architecture Drafting